Why Use CHS?

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for a few words about why we do what we do!

  • Custom KPC and Treasure of the East granule herbal formulas are offered at low prices with minimal shipping chargestake a look at our recent price comparison blog entry!

  • First Class Mail shipping either to your office or direct to your patient is only $4.00 with USPS tracking. We also offer Priority Mail shipping with tracking and insurance for only $7.85 per shipping address.
  • Our dispensary is managed and orders are filled by a licensed herbal practitioner.
  • The site has an easy-to-use, fast, and straightforward shopping cart system: Order formulas quickly! Compare herbs and herb prices easily!
  • We offer personal attention: Need help? Need an herb or standard formula that we currently don't stock? E-mail or call—you will be communicating with a fellow practitioner!
  • You can have your patients pay for their formulas directly and order refills through our patient portal at www.bewellherbs.com! We've designed the site so that it's easy for patients to access and to navigate. Log in to your practitioner account for more informationsee our "Patient Portal FAQ" page.
  • You can order a custom formula on our site in just a few minutessee our How to Order page for a brief guide to placing orders and some tips for fast ordering!
  • Chinese Herbal Solutions was founded to help make herbal medicine more affordable and more accessible to patients—let's work together to make this happen!!
    Hello and thanks for stopping in!
    I started developing Chinese Herbal Solutions a few years ago while I was still finishing up my herbal and acupuncture training. I might have come up with a catchier name for the business, but
    Chinese Herbal Solutions seemed most apt: I wanted to try to find solutions to some problems that I believed were interfering with the use of Chinese herbal medicine in the United States. Foremost among these are affordability and accessibility. Larger dispensaries tend to charge a premium for custom formulas and shipping charges add another burden. I reasoned that if I could offer formulas at lower prices and take advantage of the most economical shipping methods, patients would be more likely to try and to use herbal medicine. I have
    also tried to improve accessibility by dispensing and shipping custom formulas as quickly as possible and by providing a high level of customer service to practitioners and to patients. Patients who are registered on our patient portal can call or e-mail us directly whenever they have a question or a problem. That helps practitioners concentrate on the most important aspect of herbal medicine: crafting formulations that help maximize the wellness of their patients!
    Best wishes!
    Brian Anderson, L.Ac., MSAOM