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A brief guide to ordering a custom formula

Summary of tips for fast ordering

Finding herbs and standard KPC formulas

Adding herbs to a formula

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A brief guide to ordering a custom formula:
  • Create an account by going to "My Account>Create Account."
  • Receive an e-mail notification that your account has been activated.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find your first herb by using the search function, by looking it up in the alphabetical product index, or by browsing the herb categories.
  • Click the “add to formula” button below the herb you want—this will add 1 gram of the herb and take you to your shopping cart. We recommend that you update gram quantities after all herbs are added to your cart.
  • From the shopping cart page you can either enter a search term for the next herb (faster) or click “continue shopping”—this will bring you back to the home page or to the last herb category you viewed.
  • Repeat the process for the remaining herbs. Then check that you’ve added all the herbs in the formula and that gram quantities are correct—if you’ve changed quantities be sure to click “Update Quantities.”
  • Click “Proceed to Checkout.” Billing information (name, address, etc.) is imported directly from your account information. If you use multiple addresses (multiple practice locations, your home address, etc.) you can save these on your account page and select the appropriate one from a drop-down menu on the checkout page. If the order is shipping directly to a patient, follow the instructions on the checkout page (e-mail us with the patient’s name and address and enter the patient’s initials in the appropriate field). Top
Summary of tips for fast ordering:
  • After you've added your first herb and have been redirected to the shopping cart page, use the search box at the top of the page to locate the next herb. Add the herb and repeat until you have selected all the herbs.
  • Wait until you’ve added all herbs to enter the gram quantities.
  • When you have entered the correct gram quantities, remember to click “Update Quantities.” If everything is correct click “Proceed to Checkout.”
Because our site uses a relatively straightforward shopping cart system, ordering a custom formula from us can save you valuable time! Using the methods described above, adding a formula containing 8 herbs takes just over 2 minutes to get from the home page, through the login process and to the checkout page, and adding a formula containing 12-14 herbs takes about 3½ minutes. Top

Finding herbs and standard KPC formulas:
Herb searches can be conducted using Pinyin, the Latin binomial, or the common name. Searches for standard formulas can be conducted using the Pinyin or the English name. Additionally, a link to our product index can be found at the top of every page on the site. The index lists all the products we carry in alphabetical order
this may be helpful if a search term entry is not returning results. It is easy to misspell Pinyin names, and the site’s search engine will not adjust for spelling errors. If, for example, you enter “Qin Jaio” instead of "Qin Jiao," the search engine will return zero results, and in that case it is helpful to search for a portion of the name, eg. “Qin.” The herbs are also arranged by their categories as delineated in Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd ed. by Bensky et al.: this arrangement can be found on the left sidebar on every page of the site. This affords you (we hope) the opportunity to look at the herbs that we stock in a more intuitive way, to find substitutes or more appropriate herbs, to compare costs, and to continue to think about the components of the formula as you are adding them to the order. Top

Adding herbs to a formula:
There is an “add to formula” button below each herb displayed in search results and in the category pages, and clicking on it will add 1 gram to the shopping cart. You can also click on the herb’s picture or its name to navigate to the product page, which will allow you to key in a quantity in grams of that herb to then add to the cart. We've found that it is faster to click on the "add to formula" button rather than to open the product link. In this way you can add all the herbs to your cart and then input quantities while viewing the cart. Top

Saving Formulas:
Our system allows you to save formulas without purchasing them for 60 days. When you have purchased a formula you will be able to access it (and easily reorder it or modify and reorder it) for as long as you are registered with the site. Because we do not store Protected Health Information (PHI) online, however, saved formulas are listed on your account page only by the date that they were saved, and purchased formulas are listed
only by the date purchased and the order number. You may need to refer to your own records to connect a previous formula to a patient, but we do store complete information offline and can help you if you don’t have ready access to your records. More information about our HIPAA compliance policies can be found on our “Standards and Practices” page. Top

Refilling Formulas:
Your account page shows your recent order history and you can quickly reorder formulas in your recent history. When you click the "reorder" link (on your account page) you will be directed to a shopping cart with the herbs and quantities from the previous order already entered. You can proceed directly to the checkout page, or you can make changes to the formula by revising quantities and/or by adding or removing herbs.
Because we do not store Protected Health Information (PHI) online, however, purchased formulas are listed only by the date purchased and the order number. You may need to refer to your own records to connect a previous formula to a patient, but we do store complete information offline and can help you if you don’t have ready access to your records. Top

Our real-time inventory:
We only list herbs and standard formulas
on the site that we actively keep in our inventory. The site will show an "out of stock" message if an item is sold out and it will not sell you quantities beyond what is available. We try very hard to avoid running low and receive resupply of KPC products in one business dayif you find that an herb or standard formula is out of stock please feel free to e-mail uswe will reply promptly with expected arrival times. Sun Ten products are subject to longer resupply times. If you attempt to add a quantity beyond what we have in stock the site will show you an out-of-stock message, but it will then return you to your cart with the full amount that we have on hand showing as the quantity in the cart. At that point you can either adjust your formula to maintain correct percentages, or save your cart and contact us to inquire about resupply times.

We don't accept backorders because we understand that practitioners often need to quickly turn to another source to best serve their patient’s interest. If, however, you find that an herb is out of stock, you can save the formula for later purchase and contact us to determine when the herb will be back in stock.

Okay, so this may only be moderately amazing: Each herb on our website is named using Pinyin, pharmaceutical, and common names. The order tickets that are generated (packing list and invoice) include all three names along with quantities of each formula ingredient so that patients can identify, as easily as possible, the herbs they are consuming.

We invite you to take advantage of the site's ability to quickly generate a document for a proposed formula that lists each herb named three ways
this can be supplied to the patient or to a health care provider involved in the patient's treatment. Just create and save a shopping cart with your proposed formula, click on the saved cart link in “Your Account,” and then copy and paste the information into a text document. You will have to delete pricing information if you don't wish to disclose it, and we suggest that you include proposed daily dosages. Top