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Chinese Herbal Solutions can only sell herbal products to practitioners who are appropriately credentialed to practice Chinese herbal medicine in their respective jurisdictions, and to students currently participating in accredited Chinese herbal programs. We strive to verify credentials as quickly as possible and we activate accounts daily.

Practitioners: Please include your license number and/or your credentials in the "Comments" text box below. We can often verify licensure through state websites but, if your state does not provide this service, you can help expedite your registration by sending a photograph of your license to us at:
[email protected].

Students: Please provide us with the name, address, and phone number (registrar's office) for your school in the "Comments" text box below and, if possible, e-mail a photograph of your student ID to: [email protected].

Massachusetts residents: If you have a Massachusetts resale certificate and do not want to pay sales tax on the formulas you order, please submit a completed ST-4 form as soon as possible. We must charge sales tax on formulas shipped to Massachusetts addresses unless we have this form on file. For information on applying for a resale certificate please see our FAQ page.

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