Encapsulation: 150 grams (must be in multiples of 50 grams, click on link for detailed information)

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Add this charge to a 150-gram formula. Search "encapsulation" to select the appropriate charge for your gram quantity (see price summary below). We use transparent vegetarian size "00" gel caps. Each capsule will contain approximately 500mg of herb granules--fills are standardized to 500mg per capsule but the actual weights may vary slightly. Formulas to be encapsulated must be ordered in multiples of 50 grams in order to ensure accurate fill weights. Please allow an additional business day for processing of encapsulated formulas.

Encapsulation Price Summary:
100 grams   $8.00
150 grams $11.00
200 grams $14.00
250 grams $17.00
300 grams $20.00
350 grams $23.00
400 grams $26.00
450 grams $29.00
500 grams $32.00
550 grams $35.00
600 grams $38.00