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Posted by Brian on 12/23/2015

Improvements to our growing business!! 

All herb and standard formula prices have been lowered and free shipping has been replaced with $3.00 flat-rate shipping:
While we really liked offering free shipping, we have found that we can offer practitioners increased savings by switching to a low flat-rate shipping charge. Prices on herbs and standard formulas have been lowered by 3 cents per gram across the board and shipping charges have been changed to $3.00 for First Class Mail Shipping and $6.00 for Priority Mail Shipping. Orders larger than 100 grams now cost less!! If you place multiple orders that are shipping to the same address (and that can be sent in the same shipment) you will only pay the flat rate once. If you'd like to read more about the savings and about other very good reasons for this change please see “more information” below.

We've introduced Sun Ten standard formulas and some Sun Ten single herbs at lower per-gram prices than the equivalent KPC standard formulas and herbs:
We are currently stocking 37 Sun Ten standard formulas and 36 Sun Ten single herbs and we'll be adding to to those offerings over the next several months—see our separate blog entry for a list of the new additions. The 36 herbs were selected because they represent the most significant savings over equivalent KPC products. You are always welcome to request new additions and to provide feedback about the formula and single-herb selections!! While we usually receive KPC resupply in one business day, Sun Ten shipments originate in California, so there may some minor issues as we adjust inventory levels over the next couple of months. Maintaining appropriate inventory levels becomes easy after some information about sales patterns starts to come in.

We are now offering full 100-gram bottles of Sun Ten standard formulas and single herbs at lower prices than the per-gram price:
We hope that this will be especially helpful in your utilization of standard formulas, but we are also offering full-bottle pricing on the Sun Ten single herbs that we carry. Because we offer $3.00 flat-rate shipping, you can order single bottles of standard formulas or herbs as needed without paying a prohibitively expensive shipping charge. You can also order any number of additional bottles and not incur additional shipping charges. If you maintain a dispensary at your practice and would like us to offer full-bottle pricing on other herbs please let us know—you are very welcome to provide us with a list of the herbs you stock!

About Sun Ten Herbs:
Sun Ten was founded in 1946 in Taiwan and started providing herb granules to the Japanese market alongside KPC in the late 1960's/early '70's. Like KPC's standard formulas, Sun Ten formulas are decocted together—to the best of our knowledge Sun Ten and KPC are the only major granule manufacturers that do this. Other manufacturers produce single-herb granules separately and mix them to create formulas—this latter process is much easier and costs significantly less. Sun Ten seems to have a stronger presence on the West Coast and we encourage practitioners to do some research about the high quality of Sun Ten products. Many practitioner testimonials can be found online and the level of quality is also clearly evidenced by very strict GMP adherence and consistent certification by appropriate agencies.

We've eliminated the option for ordering multiple formulas in one transaction:
This function has rarely been used and it can be slightly confusing. Its only real benefit was a small time savings as credit card information could be entered once when ordering multiple formulas. With its elimination, however, each formula order becomes a discrete record for each patient with only one set of patient instructions. This makes referencing past orders a more straightforward process. The option to package a single herb or standard formula separately has been preserved, and it may become more useful if you find the need to order 100-gram bottles along with a custom formula.

More information about the change from free to $3.00 flat-rate shipping:
We've essentially eliminated the per-gram markup that covered the cost of shipping and have therefore made shipping costs more transparent and straightforward. A few good reasons are behind this change:
Because we had to add 3 cents to the cost of each gram to cover shipping costs, customers had essentially been paying $3 for shipping when they placed a 100 gram order. If they ordered 200 grams, however, they were paying $6 for shipping. The change to a $3.00 flat rate has brought the cost of larger orders down—it is more consistent and more equitable. It also presents an increased savings when multiple formulas are shipping to your office (or to a patient), as only one $3.00 charge will be applied.

There will be a slight impact to the cost of the smallest orders, however: a 60 gram order used to carry a $1.80 markup for shipping and with $3.00 flat rate shipping the same order will now cost an additional $1.20. We fill these smallest orders as a courtesy to practitioners and because we strongly feel that patients should be able to try herbal medicine without a major initial outlay. The shift to flat-rate shipping makes these smaller orders slightly more equitable for us—the fixed costs for all orders (bottle, mailer, credit card fees, postage) are roughly the same regardless of size.

Last but not least!:
Practitioners in Massachusetts are required to pay sales tax on herbs and formulas purchased from us—by separating the shipping charges (which are non-taxable) we have reduced the amount of sales tax they will pay.

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