Be Well Herbal Salve 1 ounce

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We're proud to announce the availability of our new all-natural herbal salve! The ingredients in Be Well Herbal Salve were selected based on Chinese herbal theory and traditional Chinese salve recipes. One of the principal herbs, Arnebia Root, is a powerful constituent that gives our salve its vibrant purple color. The salve seems to help resolve conditions that cause the skin to turn red and to be itchy or painful. Whether these symptoms are due to an irritant or to an allergic/inflammatory response, the “cold” herbs help to clear the heat and reduce the inflammation.
In the case of psoriasis, which is understood biomedically (and according to the Chinese medical perspective) to be an external manifestation of an internal condition, the salve may only help to address symptoms. It may alleviate itching and, if applied repeatedly, may reduce the size of and hasten the resolution of psoriatic patches.
Because hemorrhoids are inflamed and swollen vascular structures, this salve may help to alleviate hemorrhoidal symptoms: swelling, itching and pain.
Please note that all of the above statements are not intended to be claims of clinical effectiveness--this product has not been evaluated by the FDA!
Be Well Herbal Salve should be rubbed into an affected area until the purple color is no longer visible. If the salve is left to "sit" on the skin it may stain light-colored clothing or linens.